Man’s suit, 1897

This suit was worn by William Allison to his cousin, William McKinley’s inauguration in 1897. It was made by Elias Rheinheimer, a Cleveland tailor. The label in the neck of the jacket was removed, but the tailor’s name appears on the buttons of the trousers. Although the cut of this coat is similar to the earlier tailcoat also included in the exhibition, the lining is not quilted. The quality of the tailoring, however, remains in evidence. The silk lining, which continues onto the face of the lapels is handstitched along the edges.

The vest is lined with brown cotton, which includes an interior pocket in addition to the four exterior pockets. Rheinheimer made the back of the vest from the same silk twill as the lining and lapels of the tailcoat. Both the back of the vest and the back of the trousers have adjustable tabs and buckles, which would have allowed Mr. Allison let out his suit a little when needed.

  1. Full dress suit consisting of trousers, vest, and tailcoat
    E Rheinheimer
    American, 1897
    Wool broadcloth, satin rickrack, braid, silk twill lining, cotton pockets, metal buckle
    Courtesy of the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, L2015.1.1 a-c

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